Message Management

Message management allows multiple members to fetch, send, edit, and delete messages through the bot account. You can consider the bot as a "proxy" that manages your messages.
Here's give a quick rundown of each feature, and how to use them.


Bot permissions required: @everyone

Fetching a message will return the raw message in a text file. This is useful as what you can copy from discord is often not the raw message (with emojis, mentions, etc), and you can end up with a mismatch. It does not send a log.

Fetching is a context menu, or message command.
To use it, right click on a message, open the "Apps" section, and click "Fetch".


Bot permissions required: SEND_MESSAGES

This will send a message through the bot account, to a channel specified. The message will be editable by anyone with the EDIT_MESSAGES bot permission.

Use the /send command in any channel to do this.

Message Actions

For messages sent by the bot, there are a number of actions avalible to act on that message. They are, editing, deleting, and reporting and are accessed through the "Actions" context menu. The response will only show actions you have permissions to do.


Bot permissions required: EDIT_MESSAGES

This will edit a message previously sent through the bot.


Bot permissions required: DELETE_MESSAGES

This will delete a message previously sent through the bot.


Bot permissions required: @everyone

Reporting is currently in developement, when it is finished it will provide a way for any user to report a message to the developers, if they think it breaks our terms of service.