This is a quick guide to what we do, and how to get setup quickly.

What we do

This service allows discord messages to be managed (edited, deleted, etc) by multiple discord users. Common usecases are rule messages, info messages, and more. This is done by sending messages via the bot account, which is done through discord interactions.

Setup guide

Setting up

Inviting the bot

Invite the bot using this link to do so.
This will invite the bot with all required permissions - see the permissions docs for a detailed breakdown on required permisisons.

Setting server config (optional)

We suggest setting up a logging channel, as most actions users can take are not visible (don't cause messages) for other users. All actions that cause a change will be logged. We suggest this be a private / mod only channel.

To do this use the /config logging-channel set slash command. For more information see the config documentation

Setting up permissions (optional)

This is optional, but without it only users with the ADMINISTRATOR discord permission will be able to take bot actions.

To do this use the /config permissions quickstart slash command. This command will setup permissions with presets, for more information about having finer control see the permissions documentation

Sending the first message

Now that you've done all that you're good to go! Get started by sending a message via the bot. (It's probally a good idea to use a private testing channel first).

To do this use the /send command, and select the channel you want to send the message to.

A modal (form popup) will appear, enter the message you would like to send into it.

For more info see the send documentation


Once a message has been sent you can perform actions on it. These actions are edit, delete and report.

To access actions right click (or long press) on a message that's been sent via the bot, and click on the "apps" button. Then scroll down to the bot and click "Actions".

An embed with further instructions will appear.

For more info see the actions documentation

Final words

You should know all you need to use basic functions by now!

Checkout the rest of the docs for more info and help.

Please join our support server to get more help, and stay up to date on new features and status!